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What started out as a casual African Violet collection between two members of our online African Violet group, AV SwapBuddies, became a quest that continued for several years. During our collecting efforts, we found some Little Jewels not blooming true. Thus, we started our search.
Enter the Project
The Little Jewels Project was set up in an attempt to collect and accurately photograph all the Optimara Little Jewels. If you are wondering what the "Little Jewels" are, they are a series of 23 miniature African Violets hybridized by Holtkamp in the 1980's and 1990's. Some of them have become quite hard to find. Others are found more often, such as Little Moonstone and Rose Quartz.  

SwapBuddies officially closed in mid-May 2012. Most of remain in touch on FaceBook. Many members joined or were already members of funwithgessies or other Yahoo groups


If you are growing any of the Little Jewels and have pictures of your plants that you would like to share, or if you would like to trade leaves, please contact me. All pictures will be credited as you wish. I reserve the right to decide which photos to use, and to resize them as needed. Please don't download pictures without permission.


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I have included a link near the top of each page that opens the Optimara web page matching each Little Jewel. I have done this to make it easier to compare pictures with the originals put up by Optimara, because today's cameras produce truer colors, yet the Optimara photos retain the original attributes of the plants, plus it allows for easier comparison.

Lets keep these tiny beauties growing and blooming true!


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Thanks! ~Candy

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