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S. brevipilosa is blooming! 03-29-06

I love the large, thin, soft leaves. They are nice to touch.

S. shumensis is blooming!

Isn't it sweet, so tiny and look at the cute pale blue blooms. 05-03-06

Close up - S. shumensis

Two Brother Paddy plants showing slightly differnet growth patterns. 05-03-06

Baby S. brevipilosa blooming like crazy 05-03-06

A picture of the Brother Paddy with the white stripes on some of its leaves. New leaves are still showing varigation. 05-03-06

Lovely S. ionantha flowers

The softer, lighter S. rupicola Chasimba flower

Brother Paddy blooming

Brother Paddy flowers

S. diplotricha # 3085

Grows as a mini for me. Leaves are glossy and mottled randomly with golden yellow dots. Cool plant! Gets unruly at times. Younger plants behave better.

S. ionantha

S. grotei Mather 21

I just adore this trailer. The hair on the leaves give them the appearance of velvet. The flowers are softer in color as well.

Baby S. orbicularis blooming!

The odd Brother Paddy - Feb. 2007

This actually a side shoot on a green plant. I keep the green leaves picked off, except for a few. I have rooted leaves twice and each time they produce solid green plants.

S. rupicola Chasimba

Compare blooms, Rupicola & Chasimba

S. Nguru Mts. The behavin' one

S. Nguru Mts. The wild bunch

S. Nguru Mts., side view

Tiny suckers along stem, might remove to see if that gets it to bloom

S. goetzeana - keep cool!!

S. shumensis

S. velutina