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Here are our Babies! I will add photos as they come into bloom.

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Our Violets (Click links for photos ~ Links open new window)

Bob Serbin - Semidouble red sticktite pansy with a thin white edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated, red back. Standard. 09/21/1999 (J. Brownlee) AVSA 8292

Burnished Halo - Dark semi-double plum. Dark green outlined in pinstripe of pink/white. (G. Boone)

Frozen In Time - Single white/green fantasy sticktite with dark green edge. Medium green variegated with white.

Irish Flirt - Double bright green and white frilled star. Medium green, wavy. Semi-miniature. 11/07/1991 (S. Sorano) AVSA 7577 #1 on the AVSA's 2002 Best Variety List and AVSA Honor Roll List

Loverly Wasp - (J.Date) Single lavender wasp. Variegated bustled foliage. Semi Miniature. (not blooming) Underside of leaves showing bustle back

Milky Way Trail

Ness' Fantasy Gold - Fantasy pink, orange and gold.

Optimara Little Jewel - Pot size 1-inch super-miniature. I'm not sure which one this is. My mom bought it years ago. The tag says "Optimara Little Jewel".

Optimara Jamaica - - Frilled bi-color, pink with white edge. Plain, light green. Pot size 4-inch small standard. 1994, revised 1998 Variety: 85 Series: Optimara

Richter's Topps (Vintage) - Double medium-blue. Dark, quilted, red reverse. early 1970's

A friend sent a photo of a 1972 ad for Richter's Violets! If anyone recognizes any of these violets, I would love to hear from you!!!

Richter's Kaper (Vintage)- Semi-double/double pink with ruffled white edge. Medium green, wavy. early 1970's

Richter's Parson's Wife Sport (Vintage) - Single white with thin ruffled pink edge (sport is solid pink). Medium green, plain. early 1970's

Rob's Little Pueblo - (8810) 5/31/99 Semi-mini, semidouble coral large star. Dark green, serrated/red reverse. (Robinson)

White Dew -

White Dew Sport (pink)

S. Rupicola - Species (S 10b) 1964 (B. Burtt) Single light-medium blue, three or more per peduncle. Light-medium green, heart-shaped, soft, smooth, glossy, velvety/light back. Leaves sometimes thick. Multi-crowned standard or Bushy trailer

Spring Dancer - Double/semi-double pansy with light green & occasional pink ruffled edges. Light green, wavy, varigated. (Lyons)

Ultra Violet Dusk - (8363) 02/23/96 (Green Circle/Blandsit) Single dark lilac sticktite ruffled pansy. Medium green, pointed, girl foliage. Standard.

Ultra Violet Sparkle - (8381) 02/23/96 (Green Circle/Blandsit) Single medium blue sticktite star. Dark green, plain. Standard.



Strep parent and seedling

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Seed pods forming on Strep Heaven Scent

Baby Strep seedling


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