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Midland through my father's camera lens, with stories. A 17 page black and white and color series.

More Pics!

Midland Is Gone Los Angeles Times article.

Aerial photo of Midland!

Learn more about the California deserts~

Desert Conservation
Mojave desert
Big Maria

Visit Bonaire Web Cams and you might just "catch" the image of a fish or diver.

Glass Art by Paul Stankard Even the bugs are made of glass.

Art by Dale Chihuly Amazing work. Here in Indiana, we have our own Chihuly art in our new court house in Hammond!

Other neat sites:

My brother-in-law's site

Inner Energies neat adventures

Ask Leo computer answers

Undelete that works

Test your security

3D parking garage


My work

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See my new section about Midland, CA and sign my guest book!


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Love African Violets? Wonder about the wild ones?

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A little about me

Leaving Massachusetts, 1952

Leaving Massachusetts, 1952.


My parents and I moved from Massachusetts to the coastal town of Inglewood, California in 1952. The damp climate made me sick, and the doctors advised my parents to move to the desert. My dad found work in the United States Gypsum company town of Midland, California.

Midland is no longer there. It was dismantled after the gypsum ore ran out sometime after we left. I have put together a series of stories about growing up in Midland along with my dad's black & white photography from the 50's and 60's. I have also included a short article from the Los Angeles Times. See Midland Is Gone to read some interesting history of the town.

Along the highway from Midland to Blythe, 1955

On the highway from Midland to Blythe,
in our rag-top Morris Minor, 1955.

Although I am happy living where the land is green, the desert remains in my heart as a mysterious and fragile land that holds much beauty to those who take the time to find it. Do visit, leave no mark.

In 1963 we moved to Los Angeles. I had fun growing up close to Hollywood. When I was in my late teens, my girlfriend, Margaret and I would go to concerts together, attend the tapings of teen shows, and of course, try to sneak backstage! And we did sometimes! We took every opportunity to see Paul Revere and the Raiders and The Young Rascals. I saw the Beatles perform twice, although I was WAY too far away to get a good look. My dream of meeting Paul McCartney---well, never happened.

I met Dave in the spring of 1969., so I forgot all about Hollywood and fell in love with him. He brought me to NW Indiana near Chicago, where there are no rocks, except the ones around my pond that I have collected from every rocky place I've been.

Dave and I were married October 1969. We have 2 lovely daughters, both married. One lives nearby and the other in Australia!

I began tinkering with computers in 1994, and am self-taught in building, upgrading and repair. I taught both my daughters how to put a computer together. My favorite hobby is web design. My other hobbies are digital photography and African Violets.

I am self-employed and work part time as the equipment manager and webmaster for an inventory auditing company here in the Midwest. Are you looking for work? Or are you a Store owner looking for an inventory auditing service? Check it out.

I collect rocks and miniature turtles. I also love how light plays through glass, and have included some links to a couple of my favorite glass artists on the left.

My Turtles



survivor since 1996

No woman ever died of breast cancer IN the breast. See your doctor right away if you think you found a lump, DO NOT DELAY, run TO your doctor, not AWAY. You cannot run away from cancer. If it gets OUT of the breast and into other parts of the body you will have a tougher fight. But even those may be won. No one but God knows your personal survival rate. Never give up hope. And get your checkups. Don't have insurance? Call your hospital Social Services. There may be local programs to help.

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