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You must See this photo of the lights on earth taken from space!

And go Here to see why we need to do something about all those lights!

A GREAT site Dave found! Track the Space Shuttle and Space Station IN REAL TIME with J-Track!
*Check it out!*

The USS Porterfield

Visit Phil's old Radios for links and information on vintage and antique radios.

Vintage Radios and Programs has a good list of old radio programs for your listening pleasure.

For links and information on Victrolas, visit Tim Gracyk's Home Page


In celebration of Dave's Irish ancestry, here are some of his favorite singers and musicians:
Connie Dover
Roger Landes
Celtic Woman

And one of Candy's favorites: Enya


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Dave's Place

Beautiful New York State, picture from Webshots Community

Dave was born in beautiful New York State (pictured above) in the Lake Champlain area. He grew up in NW Indiana. His family vacationed extensively throughout the US and Dave has visited almost every state. He joined the Navy after graduation from high school. He sailed to Hong Kong and the Philippines. Dave and I met while he was stationed in San Diego.

Dave and Candy, Bell Gardens, CA

Dave and Candy.
This photo was taken the day we left California for NW Indiana.


Dave has a new hobby that he and I enjoy together, freshwater fish. Take a look at some photos of his tanks:

Our next adventure in the works -- MOVING OUT OF THE CITY!!!

Update on the next adventure---we found an area we love and plan to move this fall.

Dave enjoys gardening, fishing and boating, and the outdoors in general. He makes the best homemade pizza this side of the Mississippi.

Dave in Space, thanks to photo editing by Ed

Dave in space.*

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