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-also Dickey, Mashtaire, Moolekamp, Suratt, and Cruse -

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Alexander Balfour was born in Scotland on 5/28/1848 in the Glasgow area. He married Jean (Jane?) McGregor 7/17/1868. Jean (or Jane) McGregor was born in Scotland on 4/3/1848. She died 12/31/1920. Alexander died 8/3/1917. They left Scotland by ship. Family members say they came to Maine, but census records place them in Nova Scotia.

Their children were:

bulletAgnes Balfour
bulletJohn Balfour married Mary Moolekamp
bulletson Frank Alexander Balfour married Anna Suratt
bulletone son, Frank Jr., my father, married Marjorie Dickey
bulletone daughter, Candace, married David Templeton
bulletdaughter Bertha married Erol Johnson
bulletdaughter Florence married Charles Mitchell, after his death, Robert Franklin
bulletdaughter Clara married Charles Kent
bulletson Harry married Evelyn Downs
bulletJess Balfour
bulletHarry Balfour
bulletJean Balfour married John Sargent



bulletAlbert Newton Dickey married Josephine Amanda Anderson
bulletson, Russell married Esther
bulletson, Arnold married Lucinda
bulletdaughter, Marjorie Dickey married Frank Balfour
bulletdaughter Candace Vanessa Balfour (Templeton)(Demiri)



(have much to fill in here, please check back)

bulletHarry Templeton married Marge Mashtaire, 2nd marriage Christine Elizabeth Crues*
bulletone son by 1st marriage, David Templeton married Candace Balfour
bulletdaughter Denise, married Edward Milsap (kept maiden name) then to Allen Gill
bulletdaughter Christine, married John Bailey of Australia then William Heueisen

*NOTE: the correct spelling in CRUES, not Crews.



Marge Mashtaire (died 1975) has a twin sister, Maryanne, who also married a Templeton. Maryanne informed me that her maiden name traces back to Canada and was originally Danderand.
bulletMarge Mashtaire married Harry Templeton. They had one son, David W Templeton. They divorced and Marge married George Lawless. They had three children, Valerie, Michael and Gina.